PD Space Guitar Synthesizer 2 for iOS is out!

PD Space Guitar resynthesizes the original signal and manipulates it in several ways: the scope of possible sounds is big: from ambient soundscapes to straight-in-your-face rock terror.
The builtin polyphonic waveshaper (in short „Shaper“) offers pitchshifting, voicedoubling, dynamic detune, tremolo, vibrato and 3 different forms to add harmonics. Attack, sustain and treshold knobs organise the dynamic aspect of the tone. Everything is fully polyphonic.
-The normal fx include an amp, which is a simple amp that offers EQ, gating, limiting & overdrive. The channelsetup is flexible: you can push a mix of guitar and shaper signal into 1 amp, or use a full quatro setup, where both normal guitar and shaper have seperate amps.
-Delay and Modulator, both stereo, provide any kind of echo, chorus or leslie sound.
-2 IR loaders provide for cabinet and reverb. A range of cabinet and reverb IR wavs is included.

The first official version of the app was launched september 2022, nov V2 is out with tons of new features
In the video jams below, all sounds are made live with just SG. ( Some use backing tracks from youtube)

Appstore link: https://apps.apple.com/de/app/pd-space-guitar-synthesizer/id1545446186



The automatic hold pedal functions work like a real piano pedal, morphing decaying sound with live playing.

Ofcourse vintage style lead synthsounds are also possible: multiple levels of filtering are available.

Another popular function of synthesis, is to provide a backdrop for melody guitar.
In the vid below, the synth pad is hold by remote midi footpedal.
The normal guitar has slow attack provided by the amps section.

SG is not sensitive to what kind of tuning or instrument you use: here a 7 string in „reciprocal tuning“
is used: 4ths in the bass, 5ths on top.